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This is a now-retired Through-Hole Christmas Tree Kit from SparkFun Electronics
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Through-Hole Christmas Kit

Through-Hole Christmas Kit
It's A Through-Hole Christmas, Charlie Brown! (KIT-09565)

This ornamental kit comes with a neatly-cut, tree-shaped PCB, adorned with super-bright green LEDs, and topped with a yellow LED. The LEDs are controlled by a pre-programmed ATtiny85 AVR, and the circuit is powered by a couple AA batteries. All compnents are through-hole, so this is a great kit for that first-time solderer.

Repository Contents

  • /Firmware - Firmware that ships on the ATtiny85
  • /Hardware - All Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)

License Information

The hardware is released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.
All other code is open source so please feel free to do anything you want with it; you buy me a beer if you use this and we meet someday (Beerware license).

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