Breakout for SMD LED with built-in WS2811 controller IC.
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SparkFun WS2812 RGB LED Breakout

SparkFun WS2812 RGB LED Breakout

SparkFun WS2812 RGB LED Breakout(BOB-11820)

This is a breakout board for the built-in WS2812 RGB LED. The WS2812 is actually an RGB LED with a WS2811 built right into the LED.

Repository Contents

  • /Firmware - Example Arduino Sketch
  • /Hardware - All Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)
  • /Production - Test bed files and production panel files


Product Versions

Version History

  • v1.1b - Version 1.1b GitHub files. Current version.
  • v1.1 - Version 1.1 GitHub files. Retired.
  • v1.0 - Version 1.0 GitHub files. Retired.

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This product is open source!

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