FM radio kit with enclosure
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FabFM Radio Kit

FabFM Radio Kit
FabFM Radio Kit (KIT-11043)

The FabFM is a stylish FM radio kit that can be built with just basic soldering tools. The PCB is all PTH, meaning that even a beginner solderer can put this kit together with a little time. The wooden, laser cut frame doesn't take any tools or glue to put together, each part press-fits into another. Once assembled the FabFM Radio Kit produces a fully functioning, old-school style FM radio.

See the wiki for assembly instuctions.

Repository Contents

  • /enclosure - Vector files for the enclosure
  • /firmware - Arduino sketch that is loaded onto the ATMega328
  • /hardware - Eagle PCB layout files

License Information

All contents of this repository are released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.

Authors: Aaron Weiss @ SparkFun Electonics, Original Design by David Mellis and Dana Gordon