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Fab FM Radio Kit Introduction

The Fab FM kit allows you to build a complete FM radio with an old-school, stylish enclosure. The kit requires soldering components to a PCB to build the radio and the enclosure is entirely press fit wood, which means no screws, glue, or mounting hardware is needed.

The radio's operation is very simple. You will have ON-OFF control, volume, and tuning up and down between FM stations. The code to control the radio is written in Arduino and is easily modifiable (for example if you live in Europe, you will need to adjust the band setting).

The enclosure is created using a laser cutter, but Fab FM is designed to be easy to modify in a number of ways, including form, materials, and functionality. You can see some variations on the radio's design here.

This project is in collaboration with David Mellis and Dana Gordon and is a re-creation of their Fab FM radio project.

Getting Started

The Fab FM contains all the parts needed to get a working radio. To begin, make sure you have the tools below, then start with the Assembly. There are some modifications that can be done before, during, or after the assembly. For example, adding fabric or paper (not included) to the enclosure. Be sure to follow the assembly in order.

Tools Needed (not included with the kit)

User Documentation

Developer Documentation


This design is released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0

Authors: Aaron Weiss @ SparkFun Electonics, Original Design by David Mellis and Dana Gordon