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Power is delivered to the radio via barrel jack or USB (see the Modifications page for info on how to power over USB). When powering over the barrel jack, you must use the included 9VDC wall wart for best performance.

The radio has an on/off dial and a dial to tune the radio. The radio does not display the station, but if you rotate the right most dial to the left, you tune down, to the right, you tune up. YOU MUST ROTATE THE DIAL AT LEAST 3 CLICKS to move the station. The stations are selected based on RSSI (or the FM signal strength). This means the radio only tunes to stations that get relatively good reception.

You can also install an LED that will light when a station is in tune. The LED and current limiting resistor is not included. See the modifications section for more details.


  • Barrel Jack Input: 9VDC @ 45mA max volume (without LED)
  • ATmega328 runs at 3.3V internal 8MHz. Select 'Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATmega328' to program in Arduino. DO NOT program the bootloader in Arduino, since this board uses different fuse bits.


The enclosure is completely modifiable and can be painted or drawn on if you are not into the wood veneer.

Remember, the fittings are is press fit, so the more you take the enclosure apart, the less friction there will be to hold everything together. If the fittings become loose, some Elmer's glue or wood glue should keep everything together.

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