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Programming the board in Arduino

The board runs the common STK500 serial (Arduino) bootloader, which means you can run the Arduino IDE to program your board and modify the existing code.

ATTENTION: DO NOT use the 'Burn Bootloader' command in Arduino, since this board is using different fuse bits.

The board needs a 3.3V FTDI Basic to program using the serial bootloader.

First thing you will need to do is install the Si4703 library. Here is a tutorial on how to install the library. The default fabfm source code can be found here. After you have installed the Si4703 library, drop the fabfm.ino file into your main Arduino directory.

To program in Arduino, be sure you are using at least Arduino 1.0, select 'Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATmega328', and then select your COM port.

Hardware Modifications

FTDI Basic solder jumper If you close the jumper, you can power your radio over USB (FTDI Basic). Otherwise, leave the jumper open to power off of the barrel jack. This options should only be used to make development on the board easier, since you only need one power source. For normal operating conditions, you should use an external power supply at 9V.

Adding an LED

On the board, there is a spot for an LED. The suggested parts are not included in the kit, but can be found here. LED and current limiting resistor.

First, make sure the LED is installed in the correct direction.

Then, solder the resistor in place.

The default code should light the LED when a station is in tune.

Adjusting the band settings (for outside the USA).

To adjust your radio for European frequencies, you will need to look in the Si4703_Breakout.cpp file found in the Si4703 library file. The Si4703 library files can be found here.

The functions:

void Si4703_Breakout::setChannel(int channel)

int Si4703_Breakout::getChannel()

Need to have have a few lines uncommented. See the code for more details.