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Please answer the following general questions:

  1. When can you start?

  2. Do you have any planned vacations/absences in the next six months that we should know about?

  3. SparkFun is a dog-friendly environment. Are comfortable working aroung dogs? If you are a dog-owner, would you see yourself bringing dogs to work?

  4. The active developer keeps up on happenings in the world of development and technology. Where do you you get your news?

  5. The sane developer does things other than writing code. What else occupies your time?

  6. The worldy developer is in touch with some form of culture (books, music, film, etc.). How do you go about feeding this part of your brain?

  7. Please critique any of the SparkFun websites. With influence over the SparkFun dev team what would you focus on improving?