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Elias Santistevan
Elias Santistevan Version x02
Added thermal polygon around and underneath the voltage regulator.
Changed LED resistor values to 1k because they were too bright.
Added address jumper.
Modified relay pins
Changed Firmware to add second I2C address
Latest commit 0d556fc Oct 16, 2018
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FUSES.txt Updates to board file, example code, and firmware for release! Oct 12, 2018
Qwiic_Quad_Relay_Firmware.ino Version x02 Oct 16, 2018
Qwiic_Quad_Relay_Firmware.ino.hex Version x02 Oct 16, 2018
Qwiic_Quad_Relay_Firmware_Atmel.elf Version x02 Oct 16, 2018