An extension for OpenRefine for creating jobs and uploading data to CrowdFlower crowdsourcing service
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Crowdsourcing for OpenRefine/LODRefine

An extension for OpenRefine to:

  • create new jobs on CrowdFlower service from OpenRefine project
  • upload data to CrowdFlower service from OpenRefine project
  • get results from CrowdFlower service into OpenRefine project

Extension requires CrowdFlowerClient library. You can get it [here] (

Crowdsourcing in OpenRefine or LODRefine?

It works best (and looks best) in LODRefine - it is already integrated into it, no need to build and install it. Of course you can can use it in OpenRefine, but you may experience a glitch or two.

Note: this extension doesn't work well in the old Refine v2.5, because 2.5 it uses some outdated libraries.