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fullcircle_bootstrap is a Wordpress starter theme with Underscores (_s) and Twitter Bootstrap integration. Also includes the wp-bootstrap-navwalker plugin by twittem for easy Bootstrap menu integration.



This theme implements the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (ACF). You will need to add the contents of this plugin to the assets/acf directory, else remove appropriate section from the functions.php file.

Using Grunt for SASS CSS and JS compilation -- use sudo npm install (NOTE: I've had some problems with Node not install latest modules lately, might need to use sudo npm install -g npm@latest instead) command to get Grunt dependancies installed. Currently have grunt, grunt dist and grunt dev setup. grunt optimize will need to be configured on a per project basis. Will basically run the grunt dist command, and additionaly generate an "Above the fold" css file and remove any unused css based on the URLs passed. The uncss method will need extra classes added to the ignore variable if css is being added in after site render (i.e. via JavaScript).

  • Edit custom.js file within the /assets/js/dev folder and issue grunt dist commmand to compile into /assets/js as fullcircle_bootstrap.min.js.
  • Edit _custom.scss file within the /assets/scss folder and issue grunt dist commmand to compile into /assets/css as fullcircle_bootstrap.min.css.

How to use

I created this WordPress+Bootstrap theme to make it easier to get started with custom theme development. This is not intended as an "as-is" theme, but instead as a starting point for your custom theme development.

I've moved some things outside of WordPress to give more control over the scripts and stylesheets loaded to allow more control over the optimization of the theme.

To configure:

  • Adding javascript files: if adding additional javascript libraries it is recommend to add them to the assets/js directory then add the library name to the scripts array within Gruntfile.js. This will ensure all javascript files are concatenated and compressed as a singular file.
  • Adding stylesheets: it is recommend to add stylesheets to the assets/css directory then add them as @import's within the assets/scss/fullcircle_bootstrap.scss file. This will ensure all stylsheets are concatenated and compressed as a singular file.
  • I've only added 2 stylsheets and 1 javascript file (which are generated automatically via the grunt commands) via the WordPress enqueue method within the functions.php file. This is to allow more flexibility in the optimization of the theme. The primary js and css file are outlined above. To compile them issue the grunt dist command, or simply issues grunt watch to have them automatically generated if actively making changes.

Questions or issues? Feel free to contact me via email or twitter.


1. Added Bootstrap hover drop-down to package so Bootstrap drop-down menus will now expand on hover. Can set options in inc/wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php lines 85-91. Default is to stay open for 500 milliseconds after hover out.

2. Can now easily animate in items when in viewport with Velocity and jQuery inview. To use simply add the velocity-animation class to any element, with data-animation="" set to your favorite Velocity animation. When the element comes into the viewport, the velocity animation will be added (defaults to only run once). To run each time element comes into viewport, change $(this).one to $(this).bind on line 21 of assets/js/dev/custom.js and re-compile js file with grunt dist or grunt dev command.

Example useage:

<div class="velocity-animation" data-animation="slideUpBigIn">
  I will "slideUpBigIn" when I come into the viewport

3. Theme now includes baked-in minification of inline js/css and html. If you wish to remove this functionality simply uncomment/delete the require line from ~line 308 in the functions.php file.


WordPress starter theme with Underscores (_s) and Twitter Bootstrap integration.



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