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// SUAppcastItem.m
// Sparkle
// Created by Andy Matuschak on 3/12/06.
// Copyright 2006 Andy Matuschak. All rights reserved.
#import "Sparkle.h"
#import "SUAppcastItem.h"
@implementation SUAppcastItem
// Attack of accessors!
- (NSString *)title { return [[title retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setTitle:(NSString *)aTitle
[title release];
title = [aTitle copy];
- (NSDate *)date { return [[date retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setDate:(NSDate *)aDate
[date release];
date = [aDate copy];
- (NSString *)description { return [[description retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setDescription:(NSString *)aDescription
[description release];
description = [aDescription copy];
- (NSURL *)releaseNotesURL { return [[releaseNotesURL retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setReleaseNotesURL:(NSURL *)aReleaseNotesURL
[releaseNotesURL release];
releaseNotesURL = [aReleaseNotesURL copy];
- (NSString *)DSASignature { return [[DSASignature retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setDSASignature:(NSString *)aDSASignature
[DSASignature release];
DSASignature = [aDSASignature copy];
- (NSURL *)fileURL { return [[fileURL retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setFileURL:(NSURL *)aFileURL
[fileURL release];
fileURL = [aFileURL copy];
- (NSString *)versionString { return [[versionString retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setVersionString:(NSString *)s
[versionString release];
versionString = [s copy];
- (NSString *)displayVersionString { return [[displayVersionString retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setDisplayVersionString:(NSString *)s
[displayVersionString release];
displayVersionString = [s copy];
- (NSString *)minimumSystemVersion { return [[minimumSystemVersion retain] autorelease]; }
- (void)setMinimumSystemVersion:(NSString *)systemVersionString
[minimumSystemVersion release];
minimumSystemVersion = [systemVersionString copy];
- initWithDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dict
self = [super init];
if (self)
propertiesDictionary = [dict retain];
[self setTitle:[dict objectForKey:@"title"]];
[self setDate:[dict objectForKey:@"pubDate"]];
[self setDescription:[dict objectForKey:@"description"]];
id enclosure = [dict objectForKey:@"enclosure"];
if (enclosure == nil || [enclosure objectForKey:@"url"] == nil)
[NSException raise:@"SUAppcastException" format:@"Couldn't find an download URL for feed entry %@!", [self title]];
[self setFileURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[[enclosure objectForKey:@"url"] stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]]];
[self setDSASignature:[enclosure objectForKey:@"sparkle:dsaSignature"]];
// Try to find a version string.
// Finding the new version number from the RSS feed is a little bit hacky. There are two ways:
// 1. A "sparkle:version" attribute on the enclosure tag, an extension from the RSS spec.
// 2. If there isn't a version attribute, Sparkle will parse the path in the enclosure, expecting
// that it will look like this: It'll read whatever's between the last
// underscore and the last period as the version number. So name your packages like this: APPNAME_VERSION.extension.
// The big caveat with this is that you can't have underscores in your version strings, as that'll confuse Sparkle.
// Feel free to change the separator string to a hyphen or something more suited to your needs if you like.
NSString *newVersion = [enclosure objectForKey:@"sparkle:version"];
if (!newVersion) // no sparkle:version attribute
// Separate the url by underscores and take the last component, as that'll be closest to the end,
// then we remove the extension. Hopefully, this will be the version.
NSArray *fileComponents = [[enclosure objectForKey:@"url"] componentsSeparatedByString:@"_"];
if ([fileComponents count] > 1)
newVersion = [[fileComponents lastObject] stringByDeletingPathExtension];
[NSException raise:@"SUAppcastException" format:@"Couldn't find a version string for %@! You need a sparkle:version attribute.", [enclosure objectForKey:@"url"]];
[self setVersionString:newVersion];
[self setMinimumSystemVersion:[dict objectForKey:@"sparkle:minimumSystemVersion"]];
NSString *shortVersionString = [enclosure objectForKey:@"sparkle:shortVersionString"];
if (shortVersionString)
[self setDisplayVersionString:shortVersionString];
[self setDisplayVersionString:[self versionString]];
// Find the appropriate release notes URL.
if ([dict objectForKey:@"sparkle:releaseNotesLink"])
[self setReleaseNotesURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[dict objectForKey:@"sparkle:releaseNotesLink"]]];
else if ([[self description] hasPrefix:@"http://"]) // if the description starts with http://, use that.
[self setReleaseNotesURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[self description]]];
[self setReleaseNotesURL:nil];
return self;
- (void)dealloc
[self setTitle:nil];
[self setDate:nil];
[self setDescription:nil];
[self setReleaseNotesURL:nil];
[self setDSASignature:nil];
[self setFileURL:nil];
[self setVersionString:nil];
[self setDisplayVersionString:nil];
[propertiesDictionary release];
[super dealloc];
- (NSDictionary *)propertiesDictionary
return propertiesDictionary;
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