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berbie commented Oct 26, 2011

I have a side effect on the NSFileManager::copyItemAtPath:toPath:error: change above.
My binary is being distributed as a .dmg and does not only contain the .app but also a ReadMe.
SUDiskImageUnarchiver::extractDMG fails with an error because it cannot copy the mountPoint using NSFileManager::copyItemAtPath
I patched this by iterating over the contained files in mountPoint and copying only files with an .app extension.
I am not sure why this ever worked in the previous FSCopyObjectSync implementation.

My proposal would be this single patch:

As a sidenote: in addition the error returned from NSFileManager::copyItemAtPath:toPath:error: is not being logged, which did cost me a while to nail down the problem in the framework.


Thanks for investigating this issue, Berbie. I've landed your patch, with some modifications:
– we can't use fast enumeration, since we support 10.4.
– we support payloads that aren't .apps.

berbie commented Oct 28, 2011

Thanks, andy! My donation to your project is on it's way…

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hofman commented Nov 2, 2011

You should also check for isReadableFileAtPath:, as was done in the past. Otherwise it will fail to copy unreadable files that often are in the .dmg, but that certainly are not of interest for installation.

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