quiet-automatic-update not working with Qt application #232

cdemel opened this Issue Dec 5, 2012 · 2 comments

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When I set the application to run in quiet mode, installWithToolAndRelaunch doesn't get called until an NSApplicationWillTerminateNotification happens. But I'm integrating Sparkle using the code from here:

and NSApplicationWillTerminateNotification doesn't seem to get sent. What's the best way to send this? Or should I tweak the Sparkle code to listen for something else?


For now I am just sending this at the beginning of the CocoaInitializer destructor:

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter]

Sparkle's not going to work properly without getting the normal Cocoa lifecycle notifications. You can send them yourself, as you're doing there, but you take your program's correctness into your own hands!

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