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Hi all
This is probably very simple, but I haven't found the answer.
I always get the english translation in the window presented by checkForUpdates.
If I exchange the folders en.proj with sv.proj, I get swedish translations though.
Does Sparkle use the language of System Settings or how does it work?


Hi, scuse me for the english. I`m Argentinian
To change the language of the framework yo must add a Localization in Xcode (On Project Settings).
Try put Swedish instead English.


Thanks Nahuel
I think I need to explain a bit more.
I use Sparkle together with an App built using LispWorks. Sparkle.framework resides in the Contents/Frameworks folder of the built App, and I use the LispWorks Objective-C interface to call Sparkle. The App itself adapts to the language set in System Settings when the App was started, and I want Sparkle to adapt in the same manner.
How can I let Sparkle know the language set in System Settings?


I understand... well in xcode it does when you set up the localization (i attach an image).
Sincerelly, don´t know how in LispWorks. Try changing the strings on Sparkle.strings file
There is a good tutorial that shows how it works:

Captura de pantalla 2012-12-30 a la s 19 16 39


The Sparkle.strings can be found in each of the lproj folders, and the problem is that Sparkle doesn't look in the right folder. Therefore I cannot see what good changing Sparkle.strings would do?

I just noted that if I for example change the CFBundleDevelopmentRegion to "sv" in Info.plist of the enclosing App, I get the swedish translation in Sparkle!?

Why does Sparkle change the localization when I change the CFBundleDevelopmentRegion of the enclosing App, but not when I change the system language in Language & Text???




After discussing this on the LispWorks mailing list, the following has emerged.

  1. Localization of Sparkle windows works for the languages set up in CFBundleLocalizations of the Info.plist of the enclosing App.

  2. Localization of Sparkle windows works for the languages represented by lproj folders in the enclosing App. The lproj folders can be empty.

  3. If neither CFBundleLocalizations nor lproj folders exist in the enclosing App, Sparkle windows will use the language specified in CFBundleDevelopmentRegion of the Info.plist of the enclosing App.

  4. If neither of CFBundleLocalizations, CFBundleDevelopmentRegion nor lproj folders exist, the Sparkle windows will be displayed in english.


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