How do I rename an app and push via Sparkle? #264

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I'm trying to rename to and push via Sparkle but I get the error message:

4/4/13 9:55:30.820 PM [63188]: Sparkle Error: An error occurred while installing the update. Please try again later.
4/4/13 9:55:30.820 PM[63188]: Sparkle Error (continued): Couldn't find an appropriate update in the downloaded package.

Obviously Sparkle can't find after the update in the DMG, but I'm unclear on how to go about renaming my app via Sparkle. I tried keeping the CFBundleName the same between updates but that didn't work. Does Sparkle key off of the name of the .app file or does it look into Info.plist?

grouchal commented Aug 5, 2013

I would appreciate some help on this point too

We're having the exact same issue, any help will be appreciated.

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