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Updater keeps saying there is an update but returns the same version. #267

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"(My Apps Name) 1.6.1 (1.6.1) is now available---you have 1.6.1 (1). Would you like to download it now?"

Now if the user is a version or something behind the updater works great and succeeds. Even if I allows it to install this update that is the same version I already have, it downloads and works great. Any ideas why it keeps thinking there is new software if its the exact same version the user already has?


It's not exactly the same. The build versions are different, 1.6.1 in one case, 1 in the other. That's probably just a bug in your appcast. It specifies the wrong sparkle:version which doesn't match what your app actually has for CFBundleVersion in its Info.plist.


@pstrode Did you find any resolution? I have the same issue and I checked my CFBundleVersion.


We found that both CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion needed to be set to the same version. In your case that would be 1.6.1

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