kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 303 when downloading a 44Mb zip #270

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Hi, I have been having this issue at around 40-50% of the the transfer for the total file (the download isn't from a normal http server, but from a s3-like service). Originally I thought that the problem was server-related, but I realized that if I commented out

[appcast fetchAppcastFromURL:URL];
in SUBasicUpdateDriver - checkForUpdatesAtURL

and hard coded the download for the zip file, the download succeeds! So, could it be possible there is some issue in the parsing of the XML in SUAppCast? I am using the latest version from github - but I did find the same problems with the binary stable distribution .


sorry, found the problem being from the s3-like service that had a bug when Connection was Keep-alive

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