Is this a Sparkle Bug or a Human Error from our side #297

saikrishna15 opened this Issue Oct 5, 2013 · 2 comments

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The error is whenever there is equal version, Sparkle should not show update, but for us it is showing a new update even for the same version. You can see this in attached picture. Is it a bug or an error from your side


An error on your side, I think. The build version number is different between the two. It's 2442 in one case and 27.0.2442.0 in the other. Since 2442 is greater than 27, Sparkle reports that the update is newer than the current build.

The build version of the update is obtained from the feed. The build version from the current version is obtained from the Info.plist. You need to use the same value in both places.



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