Add param to BinaryDelta tool to not delta certain files #301

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It would be nice if the same binary delta file could be applied to multiple slightly different variations of the bundle.

For example, let's say you have 106 different variants of MyApp-1.2.3 out there that differ only in a line of text in Contents/Info-plist.strings and the corresponding code signature in Contents/_CodeSignature/CodeResources. It would be nice to not have to generate 106 different deltas (or to have to come up with some way to select the right delta based on the variant the user has).

It looks like the only thing that would be needed is to add a new parameter to BinaryDelta, like --skip-delta=REGEXP, and check each path against that pattern before calling shouldSkipDeltaCompression. Nothing has to be changed on the apply side, in BinaryDelta or in Sparkle.framework; the generated deltas will still be perfectly valid.

I'll play around with this on a fork and make sure it's as easy as I think it is.

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