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maximumSystemVersion key #44

andymatuschak opened this Issue · 4 comments

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**Jeremy Huddleston (jeremyhu)* reported (on Launchpad) on' 2009-10-12:*

This bug report follows from

Essentially, there needs to be functionality in place to set a maximum
system OS version for a package rather than just minimum.


**Jeremy Huddleston (jeremyhu)* wrote on 2010-03-16:*

This is actually quite important now:

SnowLeopard users are being given Leopard versions to install! I know I
can't do anything about current releases, but I'd like this fixed before
my next release, so the following update goes smoothly.




**koda (vitto-giova)* wrote on 2010-11-09:*

i'd like to have this feature as well.
In this way we could issue 64bit bundles to Snow Leopard users and 32bit ones to Tiger and Leopard users.
Is there any update?


**Andy Matuschak (andymatuschak)* wrote on 2010-11-09:*

Sorry, no update. If anyone can contribute a patch to resolve this, I'd
be happy to apply it, but I'm unlikely to have time to write one myself
anytime soon.


**Jeremy Huddleston (jeremyhu)* wrote on 2010-11-09:*

I don't have the time to work on it either since our workaround is "good
enough" for now:

1) using min-required of 10.6 (even though it is really 10.6.3) for SL versions
2) Releasing the SL version with a bundle version +1 over the Leopard version

You also have to make sure the timestamps are ordered correctly.

@andymatuschak andymatuschak closed this issue from a commit
Stefan Hoffmann Fixes #44: maximumSystemVersion key 9662452
@iloveitaly iloveitaly referenced this issue from a commit in iloveitaly/Sparkle
@iloveitaly iloveitaly Merge branch 'andymatuschak/master'
* andymatuschak/master: (170 commits)
  Adding Thai localizations to the project.
  Add Thai localization
  Update to the Brazilian Portuguese localization from Victor Figueriedo
  Removed Japanese localization of password prompt from the Xcode project
  Allow the user to try reentering his password if authentication fails.
  Removing Japanese localization of the password prompt, since I changed the design
  Delegated password prompting to the update driver.
  Use NSFileManager interface for DMG unarchive only for 10.7+. On 10.6,  [NSFileManager copyItemAtPath:toPath:error:] can fail with "Argument list too long" if the app bundle contains too many files. The switch to NSFileManager was only required for 10.7 anyway, 10.6 always worked fine.
  Removed changes to the project.pbxproj that were unrelated to the password prompt
  Redesigned password prompt UI
  Removed methods from SUPasswordPrompt.h that didn't need to be exposed there
  Fixes #44: maximumSystemVersion key
  remove the ASW tags since we're submitting this as a pull request to andy
  Updating Danish localization courtesy Daniel Østergaard Nielsen
  support for encrypted disk images
  Fixes #175: Bug: update alert text collides with automatic download checkbox
  Fixes #174: Bug: sparkle:shortVersionString ignored for non-enclosure items
  Fixes #170: An environment variable set by Sparkle
  Fixing some new Clang warnings from Xcode 4.4
  Fixes #169: Security Issue in Parsing XML using NSXMLDocument

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