Changed to use Apple's CDSA rather than libcrypto #20

merged 1 commit into from Nov 10, 2011

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I changed SUDSAVerifier.m to use CDSA. This will let you change the base version without having to deal with the differing libcrypto problem.

The CDSA code will work back to 10.4 (and should work back to at least 10.2, though I can't test that).


Aren't most CDSA functions deprecated in 10.7 ? Wouldn't it be better to convert those to SecTransforms ?


using CDSA solves issue with libcrypto while maintaining support for older OSes. SecTransforms are 10.7+ right?


You are correct, SecTransforms is for 10.7 only.

@andymatuschak andymatuschak merged commit 78e24a6 into sparkle-project:master Nov 10, 2011

These look good; thanks so much, Michael.


And this should fix #33.

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