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philippm added some commits Sep 8, 2012
@philippm philippm Fix file encoding compiler warning
Sparkle.strings' Thai localization wasn't automatically detected as UTF-16 -- set that file encoding explicitly in Xcode.
@philippm philippm Fix compiler warning -- content rect not on screen
This is a cosmetic fix because Sparle centers the update alert window
but better to have no warning at all appear in Xcode.
@philippm philippm Fix copy .string error build error
Seemingly caused by having the Sparkle.strings file listed multiple
times in the Copy Bundle Resources Phase.

I can only speculate why this was a problem: presumably newer versions of
Xcode copy the bundle resources in parallel, leading to race conditions
as Xcode tries to copy (and remove old versions of) the Sparkle.strings
file simultaneously.

That would explain why the error occurs often but not all the time.

SUStandardVersionCompatator also has a function compareVersion:toVersion: which does not compile under Xcode Preview version-that-shall-not-be-named. The int declaration needs to be an NS(U)Integer

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Strings now use UTF-8

@pornel pornel closed this Jun 28, 2014
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