@kornelski kornelski released this Jul 17, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • generate_appcast option to read private key directly from the keychain (Tamás Lustyik)
  • Add delegate callbacks for finished download and extraction related events (Csaba Horony)
  • Don't check for updates if Do Not Disturb is on (Kornel)
  • Expose CodesigningVerifier, add codesign info API (sunuslee)
  • Threading fixes:
    • Fix potential hang with dispatch_sync to main thread (Brian Bergstrand)
    • Fix closeCheckingWindow called from background thread (Alexey Martemyanov)
  • Improve 'read-only' error message (#1192) (Adrian Thomas)
  • New Spanish localisation (Ken Arroyo Ohori)
  • Updated Finnish language resources (Jason Pollack)
  • Hungarian localization (Csaba Horony)
  • Log more information about authentication requests (Kornel)
  • Explicitly specify types to silence "Messaging unqualified id" warning that's new in Xcode 10. Removed __has_feature(objc_generics) check and use generisc to help silence the warnings. (Kent Sutherland)
  • Fix binary delta creation on network drives (sagecook)
  • Fix compilation issues on Xcode 10 with new build system (Leo Natan)