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@chuckhoupt chuckhoupt Added link to Sparkle-Posse log-based backend. 633c3a9
@zorgiepoo zorgiepoo Updated Delta Updates (markdown) 8032de1
@zorgiepoo zorgiepoo Updated Delta Updates (markdown) ae62585
@zorgiepoo zorgiepoo Added version 1 backwards compatibility note 1a27537
@mackuba mackuba fixed link format 81148cf
@mackuba mackuba added link to a Ruby on Rails backend d9a1401
@pornel pornel Updated Package Updates (markdown) 9bcaeec
@pornel pornel Updated Cocoapod install (markdown) c812203
@pornel pornel #528 559856d
@zorgiepoo zorgiepoo Adding an instruction to verify applying the patch bb5e729
@zorgiepoo zorgiepoo BinaryDelta does not need Sparkle.framework in the same directory 7709c04
@RodrigoAyala RodrigoAyala Unnecessary characters removed from codesign script f6a08af
@ConfusedVorlon ConfusedVorlon Updated Cocoapod install (markdown) 11d8ccc
@ConfusedVorlon ConfusedVorlon Updated Cocoapod install (markdown) 8f77d52
@ConfusedVorlon ConfusedVorlon Updated Home (textile) 896d708
@ConfusedVorlon ConfusedVorlon Created Cocoapod install (markdown) 45a0336
@grahammiln grahammiln Adding example guide file contents. c05731c
@grahammiln grahammiln Adding advanced use case. a36c1f1
@grahammiln grahammiln Updated Installing Packages (markdown) 8f2c585
@grahammiln grahammiln Created Installing Packages (markdown) 2ba37fe
@kainjow kainjow Removed extra quote a9c0a12
@kainjow kainjow SUBundleName example rewording 7d6d86b
@kainjow kainjow Add key SUBundleName afdd780
@joshkel joshkel Add docs about <link> for downloading from a web site 2d333ea
@jinjorge jinjorge fixed a typo 5a09e70
@seltzered seltzered To clarify the previous edit, according to function setUpdateCheckInterval in SUUpdater.m, if updateCheckInterval is 0, automatic update checking is disabled. In the comments it mentions this is for compatibility with Sparkle 1.1 cf3565c
@seltzered seltzered Updated Customization (textile) f20bdf5
@geary geary Replace broken Xcode integration link with version 63fde68
@pornel pornel Updated Home (textile) c3a8405
@pornel pornel Updated Home (textile) a8b4d2c
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