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<h2>About Sparkle</h2>
<p>Sparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for macOS applications. It delivers updates using <a href="/documentation/publishing/">appcasting</a>, a term used to refer to the practice of using RSS to distribute update information and release notes.</p>
<p>Sparkle was originally created by <a href="//">Andy Matuschak</a> in 2006, and eventually went on to become the de-facto standard for macOS application updates, used by thousands of applications including Evernote, Oracle Java,, SourceTree, TeamViewer, VLC Media Player,, and many, many more.</p>
<p>At the end of 2013, Andy stopped development of Sparkle and handed over maintainership to the newly formed Sparkle Project, a <a href="//{{ site.github_username }}/people">group of developers</a> dedicated to managing and maintaining the official Sparkle open source project going forward. The Sparkle Project currently develops and maintains Sparkle on <a href="//{{ site.github_username }}/Sparkle">GitHub</a> with the help of dozens of valued contributors.</p>