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SparkLearn EdTech Inc.

An online educational platform for blockchain technology.

Hi, Welcome to SparkLearn EdTech's GitHub Page 👋

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SparkLearn EdTech is an online upskilling platform for Blockchain technology and web3 education.

🎯 Our Mission

We envision the Philippines becoming the global hub for web3 builders.

📈 Our Vision

We aim to cultivate a community of web3 builders with Filipinos taking the lead.

💻 Products and Services


  • SparkLearn EdTech MOOC Platform - A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Blockchain Developer Bootcamp - A 12-week online bootcamp focused on teaching the fundamental concepts and key tools in smart contract and decentralized application (DApp) development.
  • Full-stack Developer Bootcamp (Coming Soon) - A bootcamp dedicated for career-shifters with zero coding knowledge who want transition to software engineering and development.
  • Custom Online/Offline Trainings for Businesses (Coming Soon) - A custom or bespoke bootcamp with shorter timeline, suited for the needs of your business or organization, and update your employees' knowledge base about Blockchain technology.
  • NFT Masterclass (Coming Soon) - A dedicated course for aspiring artists who wants to explore and deep dive into NFTs.


  • Speaking Engagements about Blockchain from our:
    • CEO, Melissa Mesias - Marketing, community Building, and business aspects.
    • CTO, Harvey Javier - Smart contract and DAPP development trainings, in-depth and technical discussions about Blockchain technology.
  • SparkLearn SRK Faucet - Our faucet where you can get free SRKs for testing as you learn to build your own DApp.
  • SparkLearn IPFS Uploader - Simple IPFS uploader for testing.

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