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As mentioned in issue #288, Mechanize's pluggable parser can be used to automatically parse requested XML documents. It is fairly common to encounter an XML document while using Mechanize. Therefore, Mechanize should include a parser for handling XML documents.

require 'mechanize'

class XMLFile < Mechanize::File
  attr_reader :doc

  def initialize uri = nil, response = nil, body = nil, code = nil
    super uri, response, body, code
    @doc = Nokogiri.parse body

agent =
agent.pluggable_parser.xml = XMLFile
page = Mechanize.get ''
page #=> XMLFile
page.doc #=> Nokogiri::Document

This would not add any additional dependencies, as Mechanize already relies on Nokogiri.


I've added this in a separate branch because I'm not really entirely sure about it, you could also argue that it would break compatibility with any applications using Mechanize to fetch XML files and expecting a Mechanize::File object (although XmlFile inherits from File so it shouldn't technically be an issue). It certainly needs more input, though.

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