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1.3.1 / 2009-06-07

  • Bugfixes

    • extconf.rb checks for optional RelaxNG and Schema functions

    • Namespace nodes are added to the Document node cache

1.3.0 / 2009-05-30

  • New Features

    • Builder changes scope based on block arity

    • Builder supports methods ending in underscore similar to tagz

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#<=> compares nodes based on Document position

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#matches? returns true if Node can be found with given selector.

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#ancestors now returns an Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#ancestors will match parents against optional selector

    • Nokogiri::HTML::Document#meta_encoding for getting the meta encoding

    • Nokogiri::HTML::Document#meta_encoding= for setting the meta encoding

    • Nokogiri::XML::Document#encoding= to set the document encoding

    • Nokogiri::XML::Schema for validating documents against XSD schema

    • Nokogiri::XML::RelaxNG for validating documents against RelaxNG schema

    • Nokogiri::HTML::ElementDescription for fetching HTML element descriptions

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#description to fetch the node description

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#accept implements Visitor pattern

    • bin/nokogiri for easily examining documents (Thanks Yutaka HARA!)

    • Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet now supports more Array and Enumerable operators: index, delete, slice, - (difference), + (concatenation), & (intersection), push, pop, shift, ==

    • Nokogiri.XML, Nokogiri.HTML take blocks that receive Nokogiri::XML::ParseOptions objects

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#namespace returns a Nokogiri::XML::Namespace

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#namespace= for setting a node's namespace

    • Nokogiri::XML::DocumentFragment and Nokogiri::HTML::DocumentFragment have a sensible API and a more robust implementation.

    • JRuby 1.3.0 support via FFI.

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a problem with nil passed to CDATA constructor

    • Fragment method deals with regular expression characters (Thanks Joel!) LH #73

    • Fixing builder scope issues LH #61, LH #74, LH #70

    • Fixed a problem when adding a child could remove the child namespace LH#78

    • Fixed bug with unlinking a node then reparenting it. (GH#22)

    • Fixed failure to catch errors during XSLT parsing (GH#32)

    • Fixed a bug with attribute conditions in CSS selectors (GH#36)

    • Fixed intolerance of HTML attributes without values in Node#before/after/inner_html=. (GH#35)

1.2.3 / 2009-03-22

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixing bug where a node is passed in to Node#new

    • Namespace should be assigned on DocumentFragment creation. LH #66

    • Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet#dup works GH #10

    • Nokogiri::HTML returns an empty Document when given a blank string GH#11

    • Adding a child will remove duplicate namespace declarations LH #67

    • Builder methods take a hash as a second argument

1.2.2 / 2009-03-14

  • New features

    • Nokogiri may be used with soap4r. See XSD::XMLParser::Nokogiri

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#inner_html= to set the inner html for a node

    • Nokogiri builder interface improvements

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#swap swaps html for current node (LH #50)

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a tag nesting problem in the Builder API (LH #41)

    • Nokogiri::HTML.fragment will properly handle text only nodes (LH #43)

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#before will prepend text nodes (LH #44)

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#after will append text nodes

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#search automatically registers root namepsaces (LH #42)

    • Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet#search automatically registers namespaces

    • Nokogiri::HTML::NamedCharacters delegates to libxml2

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#[] can take a symbol (LH #48)

    • vasprintf for windows updated. Thanks Geoffroy Couprie!

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#[]= should not encode entities (LH #55)

    • Namespaces should be copied to reparented nodes (LH #56)

    • Nokogiri uses encoding set on the string for default in Ruby 1.9

    • Document#dup should create a new document of the same type (LH #59)

    • Document should not have a parent method (LH #64)

1.2.1 / 2009-02-23

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a CSS selector space bug

    • Fixed Ruby 1.9 String Encoding (Thanks 角谷さん!)

1.2.0 / 2009-02-22

  • New features

    • CSS search now supports CSS3 namespace queries

    • Namespaces on the root node are automatically registered

    • CSS queries use the default namespace

    • Nokogiri::XML::Document#encoding get encoding used for this document

    • Nokogiri::XML::Document#url get the document url

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#add_namespace add a namespace to the node LH#38

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#each iterate over attribute name, value pairs

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#keys get all attribute names

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#line get the line number for a node (Thanks Dirkjan Bussink!)

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#serialize now takes an optional encoding parameter

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#to_html, to_xml, and to_xhtml take an optional encoding

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#to_str

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#to_xhtml to produce XHTML documents

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#values get all attribute values

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#write_to writes the node to an IO object with optional encoding


    • Nokogiri::XML::SAX::PushParser for all your push parsing needs.

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed Nokogiri::XML::Document#dup

    • Fixed header detection. Thanks rubikitch!

    • Fixed a problem where invalid CSS would cause the parser to hang

  • Deprecations

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node.new_from_str will be deprecated in 1.3.0

  • API Changes

    • Nokogiri::HTML.fragment now returns an XML::DocumentFragment (LH #32)


  • New features

    • Added XML::Node#elem?

    • Added XML::Node#attribute_nodes

    • Added XML::Attr

    • XML::Node#delete added.

    • XML::NodeSet#inner_html added.

  • Bugfixes

    • Not including an HTML entity for r for HTML nodes.

    • Removed CSS::SelectorHandler and XML::XPathHandler

    • XML::Node#attributes returns an Attr node for the value.

    • XML::NodeSet implements to_xml


  • New Features

    • Custom XPath functions are now supported. See Nokogiri::XML::Node#xpath

    • Custom CSS pseudo classes are now supported. See Nokogiri::XML::Node#css

    • Nokogiri::XML::Node#<< will add a child to the current node

  • Bugfixes

    • Mutex lock on CSS cache access

    • Fixed build problems with GCC 3.3.5

    • XML::Node#to_xml now takes an indentation argument

    • XML::Node#dup takes an optional depth argument

    • XML::Node#add_previous_sibling returns new sibling node.


  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed memory leak when using Dike

    • SAX parser now parses IO streams

    • Comment nodes have their own class

    • Nokogiri() should delegate to Nokogiri.parse()

    • Prepending rather than appending to ENV['PATH'] on windows

    • Fixed a bug in complex CSS negation selectors


  • 5 Bugfixes

    • XPath Parser raises a SyntaxError on parse failure

    • CSS Parser raises a SyntaxError on parse failure

    • filter() and not() hpricot compatibility added

    • CSS searches via Node#search are now always relative

    • CSS to XPath conversion is now cached


  • Bugfixes

    • Added mailing list and ticket tracking information to the README.txt

    • Sets ENV['PATH'] on windows if it doesn't exist

    • Caching results of NodeSet#[] on Document


  • Bugfixes

    • Changed memory mangement from weak refs to document refs

    • Plugged some memory leaks

    • Builder blocks can call methods from surrounding contexts


  • 5 Bugfixes

    • NodeSet now implements to_ary

    • XML::Document should not implement parent

    • More GC Bugs fixed. (Mike is AWESOME!)

    • Removed RARRAY_LEN for 1.8.5 compatibility. Thanks Shane Hanna.

    • inner_html fixed. (Thanks Yehuda!)


  • 1 Bugfix

    • extconf.rb should not check for frex and racc


  • 1 Bugfix

    • Made sure extconf.rb searched libdir and prefix so that ports libxml/ruby will link properly. Thanks lucsky!

1.0.0 / 2008-07-13

  • 1 major enhancement

    • Birthday!

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