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Roadmap for 2.0

overhaul serialize/pretty printing API

overhaul and optimize the SAX parsing

  • see fairy wing throwdown - SAX parsing is wicked slow.

Node should not be Enumerable; and should have a better attributes API

improve CSS query parsing


Better Syntax for custom XPath function handler

Better Syntax around Node#xpath and NodeSet#xpath

  • look at those methods, and use of Node#extract_params in Node#{css,search}
    • we should standardize on a hash of options for these and other calls
  • what should NodeSet#xpath return?
  • also, clean up or unify the implementations of #xpath-and-friends in Node and NodeSet
    • implementations are very similar, but no shared code :(
    • decorate nodes in a consistent manner


We have a lot of issues open around encoding. How bad are things? Would it help if we deprecated support for Ruby 1.8.7? Somebody who knows encoding well should head this up.


It's fundamentally broken, in that we can't stop people from crashing their application if they want to use object reference unsafely.

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