Nokogiri needs a gemspec file for Gem Bundler to use. #274

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I wish to bundle the edge version of nokogiri, but the repository lacks a gemspec file. This prevents Gem Bundler from building a fresh gem from the repository.


Aaron builds "nightlies", gems built from edge, that you can bundle by specifying "" as the gem source.

Does that satisfy your need?


Ah ha, that does work. Thank you.

brodock commented Oct 21, 2011

I've commented on the source about this specific problem: tenderlove/nokogiri@7f17a64#commitcomment-667477 and I think that if not publishing .gemspec on github repository, at least document it on README file, as it takes a lot of time to figure out this address to get the necessary instructions.


@tenderlove are you still building nightlies? I thought you had stopped ...


I think this issue should be addressed again. I will gladly submit a pull request to make the necessary changes to resolve the lack of a gemspec in the repo, if there's a chance it will be merged.


Howdy! Thanks for bringing this up. I've written a blog post in response!

Also available at:


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