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Memory leak - Nokogiri::HTML #708

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I was trying to narrow down memory issues in my application and I have narrowed it down to this call. Now, if I create a test app that just calls this in a loop with some data, the memory will keep growing and growing in activity monitor. Here is my code below. Also, just FYI... it is not httparty as I tried to put that in a loop by itself and it did not grow.

require 'httparty'
require 'nokogiri'

class Test
        idx = 0
        while true
            doc = Nokogiri::HTML(HTTParty.get("").body)
            puts "run loop: #{idx}"
            idx += 1
Sparkle Motion member

Two things:

  1. Can you paste the output of nokogiri -v
  2. Can you eliminate httparty by downloading the html body and writing to a file, and make sure memory still grows?

Crap, I'm sorry Aaron. I tested it again with just a string and it's not getting bigger. It looks like it's HTTParty that's growing over time. There were so many variables that I tested and I think I just got confused. Thanks for the quick response, though. Hey, I know this probably isn't the forum for this, but while we're speaking, I know you were working on integrating a javascript engine into mechanize. Any word on that?

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