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XML file not fully parsed with JRuby #748

jmcnevin opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Not really sure what's happening here, but I'm attempting to load the following file into an XML document:

xml = Nokogiri::XML(

Under JRuby, it doesn't appear that the file is fully parsed...


xml.xpath("//item").size # => 54 (correct)


xml.xpath("//item").size # => 1 (wut)

Also, calling xml.to_s on JRuby shows that the in-memory Nokogiri document is ending after the first item node.


It turns out that the problem was due to a miss configuration of the dom parser, which caused the parser to stop after detecting that a namespace wasn't declared. I pushed a fix and a test case (a simpler version of your test case).

@yokolet can you update the changelogs :)

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