Adding #fetch support to XML::Node ? #765

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andyw8 commented Sep 21, 2012

The docs say

A Nokogiri::XML::Node may be treated similarly to a hash with regard to attributes.

but one thing I miss from this hash-like behaviour is #fetch, which would raise an error if the given key doesn't exist. This can be helpful for avoiding nils being inadvertently passed around, leading to hard-to-find bugs.

Would this be worth adding?


Howdy! Thanks for bringing this up.

If you take a look at the roadmap for Nokogiri 2.0 ( you'll see that we definitely want to make the Node API better, particularly around attribute-hashiness (also see issue #666).

I'll add a reference to this issue in the roadmap, and leave this open for now. Cool?

andyw8 commented Sep 22, 2012

Great, thanks.

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