Add support for cross compiling for the x64-mingw32 platform. #976

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larskanis commented Oct 7, 2013

This should fix #864.

Probably the most easy way to build the mingw gems is by using the rake-compiler-dev-box:
There is an issue with the strip command in the box, so you probably need this patch, too: tjschuck/rake-compiler-dev-box#4

There are two more outstanding external issues, that are currently patched:

  1. libxslt needs a patch for mingw-w64:
  2. patching done by mini_portile does not work in this context: luislavena/mini_portile#23

This patch moves all MiniPortile recipes into extconf.rb. That ensures that all depending libraries are build with the same compiler version as the C-ext.

I wondered, if it wouldn't be better to also build libxml2 and libxslt with --enable-static for natives builds, but noticed the corresponding issue just now: #923

If this patch is the way to go for you, then I would merge it with static_clean.

I've successfully tested the extension by running the unit tests on Windows-7 64-Bit with Ruby-x86 2.0.0-p0, Ruby-x64 2.0.0-p0 and Ruby-x86 1.9.3-p392.

Building the gem native on windows with the bundled libraries does not (yet) work, but requires probably only minor changes.

Add support for cross compiling for the x64-mingw32 platform.
This moves all MiniPortile recipes into extconf.rb.

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Windows Support #24



larskanis commented Oct 21, 2013

Is there something I can do, to get this reviewed/merged? May I rebase the pull request to branch static_clean ?


knu commented Oct 22, 2013

I've just merged the static_clean branch to master, so please rebase it on the latest master.


larskanis commented Oct 27, 2013

This is superseded by #989.

@larskanis larskanis closed this Oct 27, 2013

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