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Purrojects is an Instructables clone for finding and sharing instructions for creating projects for cats. front page

Live link to Purrojects!



Purrojects is built on a Ruby on Rails framework with a PostgreSQL database. User-uploaded images are hosted with Amazon Web Services.


Purrojects uses React and Redux to dynamically update and respond to user interaction in a single-page app.


  • Users can browse projects project index

    • Project list is structured with a container component populated with reusable project index item presentational components. Project index component:
        <div className="project-list">
          { => (
            <ProjectIndexItem project={project} users={users} key={`project-${}`}/>
  • Users can view projects with step-by-step directions project show

    • Project view is structured with a container component populated with reusable step presentational components.

        <div className="project-title">{this.props.project.title}</div>
        <p>by {}</p>
        {this.props.project.imageUrl ? (
          <img className="project-show-image" src={this.props.project.imageUrl} />
        ) : null}
        <div className="project-body">{this.props.project.body}</div>
      <ul className="step-list">
        {, idx) => (
          <StepListItem step={step} key={`step-${}`} idx={idx}/>
  • Users can create and update projects project create

    • Steps can be edited or deleted individually
    • Users can add photos to projects and steps project image
      • Image upload form displays an image preview if one has been uploaded
          <div className="edit-box-left">
              {this.state.imageUrl || this.props.step.imageUrl ? this.previewImage() : this.imageForm()}
    • Users can edit and delete projects that they have authored project delete
  • Users can search for projects based on keywords in project title project search

    • Search dispatches an action to fetch projects with a title that matches the query param

      Async action to search projects:

      export const searchProjects = search => dispatch => (
          .then(projects => dispatch(receiveProjects(projects)))

      Ajax request to project API endpoint

      export const searchProjects = search => (
            method: "GET",
            url: `/api/projects`,
            data: { search }
  • Users can add comments to projects comment form

    • Clicking "Add Comment" or "Cancel" toggles visibility of comment form
      <div className="new-submit" id="comment-form">
        {this.state.clickable ? this.clickableButton() : this.unclickableButton()}
        {this.state.formVisible ? (
        ) : null}

Future Direction

  • Filtering projects by category