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* Base classes to allow Scala pipeline stages to be backed
* by Python code.
package com.sparklingpandas.sparklingml.util.python
import com.sparklingpandas.sparklingml.param.{HasInputCol, HasOutputCol}
import scala.concurrent._
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import org.apache.spark.sql._
import org.apache.spark.sql.types._
import org.apache.spark.sql.execution.python.UserDefinedPythonFunction
trait PythonTransformer extends Transformer with HasInputCol with HasOutputCol {
// Name of the python function to register as a UDF
val pythonFunctionName: String
def constructUDF(session: SparkSession) = {
val registrationProviderFuture =
val registrationProvider =
Await.result(registrationProviderFuture, 10 seconds)
// Call the registration provider from to get a Python UDF back.
val pythonUdf = Option(registrationProvider.registerFunction(
val castUdf =[UserDefinedPythonFunction])
.getOrElse(throw new Exception("Failed register PythonFunction."))
override def transform(dataset: Dataset[_]): DataFrame = {
transformSchema(dataset.schema, logging = true)
val session = dataset.sparkSession
val transformUDF = constructUDF(session)
dataset.withColumn($(outputCol), transformUDF(dataset($(inputCol))))
* Returns the data type of the output column.
protected def outputDataType: DataType
override def transformSchema(schema: StructType): StructType = {
val inputType = schema($(inputCol)).dataType
if (schema.fieldNames.contains($(outputCol))) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException(s"Output column ${$(outputCol)} already exists.")
val outputFields = schema.fields :+
StructField($(outputCol), outputDataType, nullable = false)
* Validates the input type. Throw an exception if it is invalid.
protected def validateInputType(inputType: DataType): Unit
* Do you need to pass some of your parameters to Python?
* Put them in here and have them get evaluated with a lambda.
* I know its kind of sketchy -- sorry!
* This should be consider temporary, unless it works.
def miniSerializeParams(): String