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Oracle Endeca plugin for New Relic

The Endeca plugin for New Relic captures performance and wait metrics from an Endeca MDEX Engine.


  • A New Relic account. If you are not already a New Relic user, you can signup for a free account at
  • Find and download the New Relic Oracle Endeca plugin at
  • A server running Endeca on a port you can access.
  • A configured Java Runtime (JRE) environment Version 1.6 or higher.
  • Network access to New Relic


Linux example:

  • $ mkdir /path/to/newrelic-plugin
  • $ cd /path/to/newrelic-plugin
  • $ tar xfz newrelic_endeca_plugin*.tar.gz

Refer to in the downloaded gzip file for detailed installation and configuration instructions.


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