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Control Spotify from QLab
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Play Spotify tracks and playlists, as well as fades and loops, all from within QLab

Using QSpotify is very simple. Start by downloading this repository.

1- Open QSpotify Demo.qlab4 in the downloaded folder

2- Open QLab's Cue List pane by clicking the list icon in the bottom right corner of the main QLab window.

3- Navigate to the Spotify Config Cue List

4- Change the Q Name of the SPOTPATH cue to reflect the path to the QSpotify_1.3.scpt file on your computer. This .scpt file was included in the downloaded repository. EX: /Users/yourname/Downloads/QSpotify-master/QSpotify_1.3.scpt


If running a QSpotify cue returns an error such as ERROR: A real number can't go after this identifier or ERROR: A "/" can't go here., there is likely a problem with the path to the QSpotify scpt file.

A paid version of QLab is mostly necessary for QSpotify, becuase saved Script cues cannot be loaded with the free version.

If multiple QLab workspaces are being used, the Script Cue script will need to be adjusted. Replace the script with run script (q name of cue "SPOTPATH" in workspace "QSpotify Demo.qlab4" & ""), replacing QSpotify Demo with the name of your QLab file.

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