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Blog This is my new blog. I will put my thoughts here. History ---> Styleized Version --->

8/15/17: New servers... There are new servers as listed below to match the "Sparksammy Services" name. Enjoy! Update: Server2 Deprecated, as not needed in final build.

8/26/17: Hurricanes, Servers, and Features

New features list:

  • In case of predicted emergency, server will be unpluged.
  • Optimized for mobile!  - Team Fortress 2 Server on UPDATE 8/30/17: Removed due to possible bandwith constraints due to Harvey.
  • ROFLCRAFT is now on
  • Updated Security
    • NEW! HTTPS (Note: Breaks github site firefox.)
  • An easter egg in this post

Planned features:

  • LegitBOX - Handy Binds for Legit TF2 (Legit LMAOBOX)
  • WhaleTail - A (hopefully) GNU/GPL licensed Carnival Hub Private Server.

8/28/17: Server is down... :(

Server is down due to evacuation away from flooded areas. Server should be back up next Monday if we don't have to move. (might have to, however.

8/30/17: Plans to prevent future shutdowns... I am currently sorting out plans to prevent future server shutdowns, to save bandwidth, and in case I have to get Verizon/Sattelite/Other (similarly priced) internet in the near future. These plans include, but are not limited to:

  • Merging Sparksammy Experimental into
  • Using a host for ROFLcraft Minecraft Server
  • Making a store to sell my photography and MIDIs.
  • Making sure everything is backed up to the "SparksammyArchive".