Python packaging of tiki/touchatag reading code
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Python packaging of tiki/touchatag reading code

This is a basic library for accessing tikitag (and touchatag) tag ids from within python.

This is my initial packaging of the pytiki code by * Younghun Kim * Thomas Schmid * Aaron Dunn

(as per : ) The original license for this code is GPL. This means that any program that uses this code must also be GPL. This fundamentally means you may not close this source, nor may any application that uses this code be closed. See the license for exact wording and details.

All the files inside src/ are unmodified. Both the examples in examples/ are modified slightly - dd.p is renamed to "", has try...finally added to ensure the tikitag reader is released cleanly.

Given this wraps a small piece of code using swig, it's plausible that this could be adapted to support other dynamic languages as well. If you do this, please contribute back a patch.

Original code: * Younghun Kim * Thomas Schmid * Aaron Dunn

This packaging (, directory structure, etc): * Michael Sparks

packaging contact: See also:


Please see the example code to see usage. One caveat - due to using libusb, your code MUST run as root - in order to have appropriate permissions to open the tikitag device.

Again, if anyone has a patch or suggestion to avoid running as root, please share.

Michael Sparks, February 2009

Who am I? * Michael Sparks - . If I'm stepping on anyone's toes releasing this packaging, please let me know. (This readme will probably be replaced by something nicer, but this is a placemark before I release it and as per GPL I'm marking my changes including license file etc)