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Fixing wrong namespace used when creating inline image tags #5

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When using inline images ( I get the following error:
"Class 'Sparkdown\Laravel\URL' not found"

This is due to a missing "\" in line 3009 of parser.php. This PR should fix it

@sparksp sparksp merged commit 6f9ebdc into sparksp:master

Well spotted, thanks!

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Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. @Haensel

    Fixing wrong namespace issue

    Haensel committed
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  1. +1 −1 parser.php
2 parser.php
@@ -3006,7 +3006,7 @@ function _doImages_inline_callback($matches)
// BEGIN: Modification to pass URLs through Laravel
if ($url[0] !== '#' and is_null(parse_url($url, PHP_URL_SCHEME)))
- $url = Laravel\URL::to_asset($url);
+ $url = \Laravel\URL::to_asset($url);
// END
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