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Oct 9, 2020
Merge pull request #3 from sparkspayofficial/develop
gitian key added

@zawasp zawasp released this Jul 3, 2019

This is a hotfix version for new wallets which were unable to sync after Superblocks have been enabled.
In case your wallet is stuck syncing, you may need to reindex the blockchain or use the bootstrap (or delete "blocks" and "chainstate" folders in your .sparkscore folder)

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This version fixes a random crash which occurs on some nodes. Also, we decided to drop old nodes which generate a lot of noise on the network.

Please update and RESYNC (not reindex) your hot wallets and masternodes.

Masternodes need to be restarted using start-alias after update.

  • Due to the enforced new protocol, old nodes will not be able to connect to the network.*
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This is a mandatory update for all wallets / masternodes.

This version fixes problems with masternode starting / restarting, guardian nodes outputs and a few other things. The problems will start to disappear when the majority of nodes are updated. Meanwhile you might notice some discrepancies in the masternode list, as some of the older nodes don't recognize new nodes. When starting a new masternode, the start command may fail, until a path is found from your updated hot wallet to your new MN, which contains only updated nodes. (ie. a start command from a node which is connected to a 0.12.4 client will not be broadcasted to other peers).

Please update as soon as possible to ensure a smooth network operation.

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@zawasp zawasp released this Apr 3, 2019

SparksPay Guardian Nodes (v1.0)

Guardian Nodes (v1.0) are different than regular Masternodes in 2 ways:

  • they have a higher collateral - 25000 SPK
  • they have a faster payout cycle (about 7% faster)

Guardian Nodes will become active after the majority is achieved via a soft-fork.
Both Masternodes and Guardian Nodes will co-exist on the SparksPay blockchain, although Guardian Nodes will have additional roles and functionality.

This version is designed to test the concept and technical implementation. Additional Guardian Node features (time locks, special transactions) will be added in v2.0, once we merge with the latest Dash Core (probably 0.14.x).

Other changes:

  • Governance will become active, 10% of block reward will be reserved for projects voted by masternodes
  • Reduced inflation by 33%

This version has a protocol update - you will need to restart your MN from your hot wallet.

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@zawasp zawasp released this Mar 19, 2019

This is a mandatory update which will hard fork the chain at block 299000.

All exchanges and known pools will use the modified wallet.
We have identified a security issue which requires this urgent patch for both your VPS Masternode and Hot Wallet.
Please update as soon as possible. If the chain is stuck, please start the wallet daemon with the -reindex parameter (From GUI wallet, you can do this in Tools -> Wallet repair -> Rebuild Index).

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@zawasp zawasp released this Feb 15, 2019

In preparation for the upcoming SparksPay 0.13.x release, this release blocks all old nodes (pre- from the network, therefore preventing a lot of network noise and resource usage.

Therefore, this version should generate significantly less CPU and network usage, and also faster syncs.

We highly encourage you to update.

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@zawasp zawasp released this Feb 6, 2019

This is a mandatory update, which brings Sparks in line with Dash release. After the majority of nodes update, the protocol will be changed with a Spork, therefore old masternodes will not receive payouts. Please update as soon as you can.

Thank you.

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