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Matrix Bot

Matrix Bot is a simple matrix bot aimed at medium to large projects that span many chat rooms and many active repos looking for more options than the official matrix bots can provide.


  • Accepts invites to join rooms from authorized users!

    List is configrable but requires at least 1 entry

  • A jokey interjection that can correct pesky users that misspell your project name!

    Off by default

    Can prevent from running in specific rooms

    Has fully configurable matches (case sensitive and insentive) and response text

    Has 5 minute cooldown timer per room for less spam and more fun

  • An imperial <--> metric converter for all messages containing common units!

    Can be disabled entirely

    Configurable exclution of units from spaced matches if they are also a word (eg: 'i got a 500 in response')

    Eases idle chitchat between community members

  • A configurable search and link for issues/pulls in any Github repos the supplied Github access token can see!

    This can be turned off by not supplying any repos to search

    Searches are parsed from message text if they match 'jf#123' or 'jf #123'

    The left side of the # is configrable and can point to any repo

    Uses GraphQL to be API cost effective (REST might require 2 hits depending on returned result)

  • A configrable general purpose linker!

    This can be turned off by supplying no linkable urls

    Links anything matched from a parsed message if it contains 'docs@hwa' or 'link @troubleshooting'

    Left side is configurable. All linkable urls can be triggered with all keywords

    Right side is configrable and can link to any URL

Installation and configuration

Currently there is no package or release binary produced. To install first clone the repo and make a release build

Collect the target/release/matrix-bot binary and place it where you want to run it from

Copy the sample_config.toml to config.toml and put it next to the binary

Configure the bot as required with the help of the comments

./matrix-bot to run

I hope you enjoy your experience and please report and issues or feature requests you might have!


Simple multipurpose project focused matrix bot








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