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SKOS Play!

SKOS Play is a free application to work with thesaurus or classification expressed in SKOS.

SKOS Play! is live at

With SKOS Play you can :

  1. Print / visualize thesaurus
  2. Convert Excel tables to SKOS
  3. Validate SKOS files

Print / visualize thesaurus

The core feature of SKOS Play is the ability to render SKOS data in various ways.

Generate different outputs

SKOS Play can print your thesaurus in various ways :

Alphabetical indexes

SKOS Play alphabetical index output

Hierarchical trees (static or unfoldable)

SKOS Play hierarchical tree output

Translation tables

SKOS Play translation table output

Permuted / KWIC indexes

SKOS Play KWIC output

Alignment tables

SKOS Play alignments output

Generate PDF files

SKOS Play can also be used to produce printable PDFs from your thesaurus, with the same kind of outputs as the ones described above. PDFs are clickable so you can navigate the content of your thesaurus within the PDF.

Cool dataviz with D3JS

SKOS Play leverages D3js to display the hierarchy of the SKOS structure in nice ways :

Tree visualization

SKOS Play tree visualization

Square visualization

SKOS Play square visualization

Circle visualization

SKOS Play circle visualization

Autocomplete field

SKOS Play also illustrates the generation of an autocomplete form filled with your thesaurus labels :

SKOS Play autocomple visualization

Works with OWL ontologies too !

By the way, SKOS Play also works with OWL or RDFS ontologies by converting them into SKOS, so you can print cool ontologies like CIDOC-CRM,, etc.

Create SKOS classifications from Excel / Google spreadsheets

The SKOS Play converter is a tool to easily maintain classifications in Excel and turn them into SKOS, following a simple file template, with specific column headers.

The converter is also integrated with Google Spreadsheets, so you can even maintain your classification collaboratively, and turn it directly into SKOS !

SKOS Play Excel converter

Validated SKOS data

SKOS Play includes a frontend for the qSKOS validator, hosted in a separate project : SKOS-testing-tool.

Who is using SKOS Play ?

  • French Ministry of Culture
  • Heritage Data
  • Reegle thesaurus
  • Service Central de Legislation du Luxembourg

(want to be listed here ? contact us !)

Contribution guidelines

Who are we ?


SKOS-Play allows to print SKOS files in HTML or PDF. It also embeds xls2rdf to generate RDF from Excel.








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