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Environmental Informatics (ESM 296-3W) at Bren School UCSB, winter 2016
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Environmental Informatics at UCSB Build Status

Fork and clone this repository. Introduce yourself by adding a file per your Github username.json under the _data/ directory. Here's an example for Github username bbest:

// _data/bbest.json
	"program": "lecturer",
	"interests": "marine biology, species distribution modeling, spatial decision-making",
	"project": "route ships around marine mammal hot spots"

Using the format above, replace with your own program, interests and project idea. Create an Rmarkdown document also with your username under the students folder with more details on your project idea, commit and push the changes, and submit a pull request to the original repository.


The content on this site draws extensively from these repositories:

Testing Site

This repo uses Github Pages and it's templating Jekyll system, to render the site To run it locally (eg to check edits), run:

bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl ''
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