Kodi Add-On: A frontend for MAME with the UMSA twist
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Kodi Add-on: A frontend for MAME with the UMSA twist

What's the difference?

This frontend uses the information from https://umsa.info which shows all ports, conversions, remakes and sometimes clones and homebrews which are in MAME for the same software.

Warning: This software is in alpha status. So expect bugs, chrashes and not working features.


  • Filter options for softwarelists, categories, number of players and years.
  • Lists for source, softwarelists, categories, publishers, years and play status.
  • Tries to choose the best machine for an entry from a softwarelist.
  • Simple support for different emulators.
  • Support for ProgettoSnaps artwork and datfiles.
  • Moves taken snapshots from machine directory to software list directory.


How to install:

  1. Download the Add-on: https://umsa.info/umsa.mame.surfer.zip
  2. Start Kodi, go to Settings (the icon on top in the middle), System, Add-ons and activate Unknown sources
  3. Go back to main menu, Add-ons, use the icon on the top left, Install from zip file and choose umsa.mame.surfer.zip
  4. Go back to main menu, Add-ons and you should see the UMSA MAME Surfer icon.
  5. Select it and the Settings will pop up. Configure what you can.
    • ProgettoSnaps: only unzipped images like cabinets/cabinets/snes.png are supported
  6. Now the Add-on will start. Have fun.

Optional: Go to Settings, Interface, Fonts and set to Arial based to get Kanjis. You need to set the Settings level at least to Standard.


  • The enter button starts the emulation.
  • In the dat section enter popups a list for Recommended, Series, Videos and Manuals.
  • The context button (key c) opens a popup for different lists.
  • Go up from the top for a menu which contains the Filter options.


  • Scan dat files and artwork pictures to database for faster access and startup.
  • Speed up unoptimized databases statements (sometimes needs seconds).
  • Add favorite lists.

See also: https://github.com/sparrowred/screensaver.picture.slideshow, a fork of a Kodi Screensaver with support for UMSA MAME surfer.

Contact: sparrowred16 at this gmail thing com