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@craigraw craigraw released this 06 Sep 10:46
· 996 commits to master since this release
  • Mix UTXOs via Whirlpool coinjoin integration (0.001BTC testnet pool only)
  • Mix to a external wallet after a configurable number of mixing rounds
  • Add an option to optimize transactions for privacy or efficiency
  • Add a simple privacy analysis of the constructed transaction to the Send tab
  • Binaries now reproducible (pre-signature) across all supported platforms (to be independently tested)
  • Introduce multiple wallets in one tab via right aligned subtabs
  • Export subtabbed wallets using DB persistence (normal wallets still use JSON for legibility)
  • Export UTXOs to CSV
  • Add items to the File > Save PSBT menu to copy a PSBT to the clipboard in hex or base64
  • Allow the creation of multisig wallets with up to the maximum (20) number of cosigners
  • Save application width and height across restarts
  • Add caching for verbose transaction lookups to avoid repeat server requests
  • Don't use configured Tor proxy to connect to local network addresses
  • Bug fix: Handle unknown derivation path for Caravan imports
  • Bug fix: Use the correct address label for the utxo label when recieving a batched tx to several labelled address
  • Bug fix: Truncate labels over 255 characters before saving to db
  • Bug fix: Copying from the transaction hex view will never copy truncated hex