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1) TODO: I/O implementation in densehashtable.h
2) TODO: document SPARSEHASH_STAT_UPDATE macro, and also macros that
tweak performance. Perhaps add support to these to the API?
3) TODO: support exceptions?
4) BUG: sparsetable's operator[] doesn't work well with printf: you
need to explicitly cast the result to value_type to print it. (It
works fine with streams.)
5) TODO: consider rewriting dense_hash_map to use a 'groups' scheme,
like sparsetable, but without the sparse-allocation within a
group. This makes resizing have better memory-use properties. The
downside is that probes across groups might take longer since
groups are not contiguous in memory. Making groups the same size
as a cache-line, and ensuring they're loaded on cache-line
boundaries, might help. Needs careful testing to make sure it
doesn't hurt performance.
6) TODO: Get the C-only version of sparsehash in experimental/ ready
for prime-time.
7) TODO: use cmake ( to make it easy to isntall this on
a windows system.
28 February 2007
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