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#BellaVista Welcome to the Clinical Client Platform (CCP) BellaVista Wiki.

The BellVista client is an implementation of a Native, Multi-Platform Clinical Client that is EMR agnostic. The client provides core clinical results reporting functionality and a framework for integrating external functionality like:

  • QR code and Bluetooth Beacon based patient identification
  • Real-time patient vitals monitoring and EKGs
  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Voice based ordering and clinical note taking
  • Google Glass Support

The goal is to evolve this client over time, providing implementations of the above specified framework components and supporting the integration of new technologies and clinical information sources (like FHIR, OpenMRS ) as they emerge.

This will allow third parties and individual organizations to tailor the client to their needs or the needs of specific populations within their organization. This first version of the client provides the core clinical results reporting functionality.

Below are some links for getting up to speed on the client.

##FHIR See the FHIR section, in the Working with the Client page, for information on configuring the client to talk directly to FHIR (DSTU2) server.

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