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You can find here the slides and the sample code of my talk "Ich packe meinen Testtoolkoffer und nehme mit ... - Testwerkzeuge für den Entwickleralltag" that I presented on JAX Remote at 5h May 2021

The code samples are tested with Java 11 and Groovy 3.0.7, embedded in a Spring Boot 2.4.1 skeleton. Following test libraries are used:

  • JUnit 5.7.1 including JUnit 4 (JUnit Jupiter Vintage)
  • Spock 2.0-M4
  • JavaFaker 1.0.2
  • AssertJ 3.19.0
  • AssertJ-DB 2.0.2
  • EqualsVerifier 3..5
  • To String Verifier 1.4.8
  • MockServer 5.11.2
  • Wiremock 2.27.2
  • Greenmail 1.6.1
  • Testcontainers 1.15.2
  • REST assured 4.3.3
  • Awaitility 4.0.3

Tests should run under specific conditions

The test class ConditionalTestExecutionTest shows how tests can be configured to run only if a specific condition is enabled.

Parametrized Tests

All classes in the package com.github.sparsick.test.tool.parametrizedtests show how to write parametrized tests with JUnit4, JUnit5 and Spock.

Test data

The test class PersonTestDataTest demonstrates JavaFaker and how to use ObjectMother (implementation is shown in PersonTestData) and TestdataBuilder (implementation is shown in PersonTestDataBuilder) pattern.

Verifing equals and hashCode contract and toString

The test class PersonTest demonstrates how to verify the implementation of equals(), hashcode() and toString() methods with EqualsVerifier and ToStringVerifier.


Test package com.github.sparsick.test.tool.assertion demonstrates well readable assertions.

Test with Concurrency

Test package com.github.sparsick.test.tool.concurrency demonstrates how awaitility can help handling concurrency in tests.

Simulate Infrastructure in Software Tests (Integrationtests)

Tests against own REST API

The test class StarWarsMovieControllerITest shows how to test own REST API with Spring MVC and REST assured.

Mock REST dependencies

The test classes StarWarsClientMockserverTest, StarWarsClientWiremockTest and StarWarsClientMockserverGroovyTest show how to mock dependencies to a REST API with MockServer or Wiremock.

Testing interaction with E-Mails

The test class MailClientTest shows how to test interaction with e-mails (currently only sending) with Greenmail

Testing interaction with Database

The test class PersonRepositoryJUnit4/5/SpockTestshows how to test the repository logic including the database that is used in production with Testcontainers. Test class DBMigrationJUnit4/5Test shows how to test the database migration script inside my Maven build. The test PersonRepositoryJdbcUrlTestContainerTest shows how to integate testcontainer only via a JDBC URL.


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